Bryan Young

Content Strategist + Creator

👋 Well, hello.

I’ve long been fascinated by the power of words to influence thinking, trigger feelings, and encourage action.

Over the last decade+, I’ve used words – and other forms of content – to help businesses attract new customers and delight current fans.

Here’s some of my latest work.👇

Written Content

While other content types can spark action,
the potency of the written word is tested, dependable, unmatched.

Long-Form, Lead Generation Content


Curation & Copyediting

Audio & Video

Podcasts and streaming audio are growing channels with engaged audiences.
I wrote the scripts for these audio ads for iHeart Radio’s network (targeting psychographic audiences)
and specific podcast sponsorships.

Fresh Wave: "Fresh Traditions" Host-Read Ad
Whine Down Podcast

Fresh Wave: "Skunk Season" Dialogue Ad
iHeart Radio Network

Fresh Wave: "Unwanted Guest" Host-Read Ad
Katie Couric Podcast

From concept to script writing to creative direction, I’ve guided the development of vibrant brand videos that bring products to life. These videos are used on: e-commerce listings, websites, display ads, Connected TV ads, YouTube pre- and mid-roll ads, social media, and other channels.

Social Media

The ability to pair stunning visuals with clever copy makes social media the standout storytelling platform of our time. With Fresh Wave, I helped establish a unique voice and creative direction to promote a lifestyle of wellness (free from household odors) through engaging posts and ads.


Email requires earning a series of “micro-yeses” — subject line, headline, body copy, call to action — before the ultimate click-through. All these “yeses” result in a deep connection through one of marketing’s most intimate channels.

Credentials & Process

Branding & Content Strategy

✓ Messaging Strategy
✓ Brand Pillars & Values
✓ Audience Development
✓ Value Proposition Development

Content Creation

✓ Social Media
✓ Blogs & Articles
✓ Email
✓ Video & Audio Scripts
✓ Infographics & Data Visualization
✓ Product Packaging & Descriptions
✓ Commercial Teaching / Sales Materials
✓ Lead Generation / Nurture

Digital Marketing

✓ Email Marketing
✓ Paid Search
✓ Social Media
✓ Podcasts & Streaming Audio Ads
✓ Banner / Display Ads
✓ Messaging Strategy


✓ Information Architecture
✓ Page Copy & Content
✓ Wireframing & Design
✓ User Experience (UX)
✓ Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Content Development Process

01 Research

Voice of Customer (VOC)
Buyer Personas
Buyer Journeys
Behaviors & Traits

02 Brand Positioning

Pillars & Values
Value Proposition
Voice & Tone
Brand Guidelines

03 Message Mapping

Problems & Motivators
Dream End
Switching Pulls & Pushes
Product Features & Benefits
Offer Development

04 Creative Delivery

Editorial Calendars
Briefs & Specs
Drafts, Reviews, Edits
Final Assets