Public Relations

Maintain your brand's good name.

Public relations uses proven methods to help you retain control of your brand story.

Many brands only turn to PR when something goes wrong. By sharing positive news and other information, you can build a stellar reputation with current and prospective customers.

Leverage PR to protect your brand

Crisis Communications

With any product or service there are chances of liability. Together, we’ll think through all possible scenarios for an unfortunate event. Then, we’ll create plans for each. Included is 1-2 day real-time management, 3-6 day post-crisis coverage, and 3-6 month reputation support.

Preventive Crisis Planning

Nonprofits, service-oriented, and public facing institutions frequently require a preventative crisis plan in anticipation of a community, process, ethical, or cultural issue that may arise in the future. (Example: ecommerce company shipping interruptions; manufacturer product recalls)

PR Consulting

Start with a free 30-minute discovery and strategy session to discover opportunities to elevate your brand through Public Relations. We will discuss channels and plans best for your business, market, and audience, tailored to your budget and needs. Each campaign includes a robust Return On Investment (ROI) Analysis to establish how you benefit and define clear goals.

On-Going Retained Services

  • Ongoing Hiring Announcements
  • Proprietary / Expert Insights and Interview Placements
  • Results Case Studies / Before And After
  • Forecasting Industry Coverage
  • Article and Press Release Development
  • Major New Office And Growth

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Press releases: which type is right for me?

The tested, proven tool in the PR handbook, strategic media features are an effective way to drive customer interest, demonstrate expertise, and build credibility. Use our professional connections and communications mastery to get placed in the right channel with the best message.

Traditional Press Release

Announce or recap an event and why it’s relevant to readers. Typically useful for relaying information legal ramifications, educational institutions, government, consumer goods, or healthcare firms.

Social Media Press Release

Written for a tweet or social post (and optional link to a full story). We craft content with impactful quotes, bullets, and headlines that media publishers and readers most seek.

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